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  • Chartered Accountant and Auditor in Italy and London
  • Independent consultant in electronic invoicing, EDI, electronic preservation of tax documents, electronic supply chain finance, blockchain and distributed ledger technology
  • Research manager at Milan Polytechnic in the technical and legislative fields relating to e-invoicing and dematerialisation
  • Member of the "Italian forum on e-invoicing" at the Revenue Agency
  • Member of the "e-invoicing and digitalization of the bookkeeping" at the Italian National Council of Chartered Accountants (CNDCEC)


  • My clients are: 

                        -Multi-national companies
                        -Italian and foreign companies
                        -E-invoicing service providers
                        -E-archiving service providers
                        -Italian and foreign software houses, VANs & BPOs



Index of the 2008 report.pdf
Index of the 2009 report.pdf
Index of the 2010 report.pdf
2012-The authenticity, integrity and legibility of e-in ...
2013-The obligation to issue e-invoices to the Italian ...
2013-Possible impacts of the proposal for a regulation ...
  • Specialist consultancy in the fiscal, technical and management fields, for:  

                               -Electronic invoicing
                               -Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
                               -Electronic preservation of tax documents
                               -Electronic supply chain finance
                               -Distributed ledger technology


  • My e-invoicing and EDI work includes:

                                -consultancy on international legislation
                                -monitoring legal and regulatory changes
                                -feasibility studies
                                -auditing plans and processes
                                -auditing software and services


How to ensure fair taxation in a digitalized world?

Summamry of my contribution at the ETAF tax conference on 23rd May 2018_Brussels

Summary of my contribution at the ETAF Tax conference_ ...

Umberto Zanini-Chartered Accountant in England and Wales
5 St John's Lane, Farringdon, London (UK) EC1M 4BH 
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